We are shipping to all countries in Europe, how ever shipping cost depends on location and order size. It’s also possible to arrange shipment yourself, picking up your order in Copenhagen. 

Shipping cost for customers in: Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Hungary, Spain, France, Finland, Czech Republic, Luxembourg and Italy are as follow:

  • Starting shipping price: 22€
  • + 0.1€ per item in shipping class “Very Small” (E.g a Dash Pour)
  • + 0.5€ per item in shipping class “Small” (E.g a Bar spoon)
  • + 2€ per item in shipping class “Medium” (E.g a box of 6 glasses)
  • + 3€ per item in shipping class “Large/Heavy” (E.g a Box of 12+ glasses)

Free shipping on orders above 1.000€

Shipping cost for other countries than the above mentioned – Please contact us. 

Please note, that without a valid EU VAT number, all prices will be added 25% Danish Vat. Also customers based in Denmark will applied local Vat. 


It is also possible to pickup your order at Vodroffslund 7, 1914 Frederiksberg C, Copenhagen, Denmark. Pickup is only possible after your order has been released.